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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Medical Mnemonics? Yes please!

Medicine is a series of never ending recall material. Specially subjects like pharmacology and microbiology, where there are probably more recalls than concepts. Most medical students find mnemonics very handy for such circumstances. Considering almost everyone has a smartphone these days, its good to have a mnemonics app installed and here is our recommendation for Androiders.

           The app has a database of more than 1500 hundred mnemonics! The design is simple and smooth. There is a quick search on the main screen which makes it pretty convenient to find what you are looking for. You start typing and the list is modified accordingly.

           You can also add your own mnemonic. You mnemonics are saved with the "by User" tag so next time you want to see all your own mnemonics, just type "by user" in the quick search box. Other than that, you can edit or delete mnemonics as well, so basically you have full control, all for free!

           Another feature worth mentioning feature is the "Mark" option. While viewing a mnemonic, if you feel you might want to review it later, you can just check the checkbox labeled "Mark" right below the mnemonic. You can then access all your marked mnemonics from the main menu.

          So basically its a very handy app for medical professionals and is totally free which no locked features unlike most other such app on the play store. Worth a try!

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