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Sunday, November 14, 2010

MRCP 1, First hand experience

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The MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination has a two-paper format. Each paper is 3 hours in duration and contains 100 multiple choice questions in one from five (best of five) format, where a candidate chooses the best answer from five possible answers. Candidates will be tested on a wide range of common and important disorders in General Medicine as set out in the published syllabus.

The Examination may include pre-test questions (trial questions that are used for research purposes only).

The composition of the Papers is as follows:

Specialty Number of questions*

Cardiology 15
Clinical haematology and oncology 15
Clinical pharmacology, therapeutics and toxicology 20
Clinical sciences** 25
Dermatology 8
Endocrinology 15
Gastroenterology 15
Neurology 15
Ophthalmology 4
Psychiatry 8
Renal medicine 15
Respiratory medicine 15
Rheumatology 15
Tropical medicine, infectious and sexually transmitted diseases 15
* This should be taken as an indication of the likely number of questions - the actual number may vary by up to 2.

** Clinical sciences comprise:
Cell, molecular and membrane biology 2
Clinical anatomy 3
Clinical biochemistry and metabolism 4
Clinical physiology 4
Genetics 3
Immunology 4
Statistics, epidemiology and evidence-based medicine 5

for preparation u need Philip A Kalra as the prime book of medicine and rest is all about practising as much EMQs as possible from some recommended websites.these
outov these onexamination and passmedicine are specially good ones.
i also used 2 books consisiting of past papers one ov them was Benyamin and other was some pastest book.................this stuff is more than enough if u want to go forit..U can also use USMLE 1st AID step 1 for basic Sciences............i think if u go quite relaxed 3 months would be an apprpriate time or prep.Good luck