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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visa, Fee and Other Issues About PLAB

What type of visa do I need to apply for PLAB 2 examination?
You need to apply for a visitor's visa. 

I was refused a visa for PLAB part 1. Will it effect my visa application for PLAB part 2?
It depends on the reason for refusal, but if it was only because part 1 could be taken in your home country then it is unlikely to have an effect.

Is the result of PLAB 1 better in UK. Compared to overseas centres?
It may be true that result is better in UK. But this is due to the fact that most of candidates who have come to UK. To take the exam are more serious and well prepared and may be availability of good quality material.
What is the fees for Plab test?
PLAB Part 1-£145.00
PLAB Part 2-£430.00
Is it better to take exam in UK than in Pakistan or in any other country?
There is no difference in standard of exam between these centres, and now there are some good courses conducted in Pakistan. We advice to take Part 1, in Pakistan as there is no added benefit of taking it in UK. It is an extra expense of around £1200 for every attempt you take. There will be a gap of at least 3-4 months between the exam dates and it is traumatizing to stay in a new environment.

Is it easier to get a job if one has a post graduate experience.
To get a training post, post graduate experience is not a must, it differs with the hospital. Some hospitals may prefer experienced candidates where as some other may prefer fresh candidate. Postgraduate experience helps in getting a Locum jobs rather than a training post. So it may be easy to get the first job (as locum) if one has postgraduate training.

What are the benefits of having a post graduate training before coming to UK.
If one is interested in the specialties like Medicine, Surgery, OBG, Paediatrics, where the chances of getting a registrar training is less, it is better to have a post graduate training in Pakistan (or in your country) in that specialty before coming to UK. Idea is not to increase the chances of getting a registrar post but to safeguard your self. If you start your SHO training after MBBS and could not manage to get in to registrar training, you may feel that your training is not complete and you will be left with the option of getting in to a staff grade job. Or to go to some other country for training.

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